Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 bring it!

This marks post 98 for me...I wanted to hit 100 in 2010 but with moving and family in town and the holidays getting to blog just wasn't in the cards! Ah well the new year brings new posts with a goal of hitting 300 posts before 2012 which is only 3-4 posts a week, definitely doable.

My New Years Resolutions for 2011:

-Lose 17lbs and hit the mark that I've been aiming for since Blake was born...this will be my lowest weight since Junior year in college.
-Walk or get outside and run around with the kids/go to the park or whatever outside exercise at LEAST 3 times a week, preferably 5.

-Find a new church and get involved again, I miss my friends at Trinity in Opelika, AL and hope I can find a place just as wonderful in our new town...the hunt begins on this Sunday!

-Blog 4 times a week

-Complete project 365...this is a big one that I'm nervous about simply because I'm forgetful...but the idea is to take one photo a day to see how things have changed. I'm still working out the logistics but plan to take moments, plus one of me and the kids and hubby on our monthly birthdays...I'm hopefull I can accomplish this and excited about fidling with my camera daily, hoping to get better and better at using it!

-Learn how to coupon and do it WELL! I tried and loved the feeling I got from saving, the sense of accomplishment in seeing just how much I could save...I'm hoping to devote more time to it...meaning less time on Facebook :P and save, save, save!

-Turn off the TV...this shouldn't be hard to do as I'm not a big tv person, but sometimes when I want to clean or cook or blog or just take a moment to myself it's nice to be able to stick Kaitlyn in front of the telly and do just that...she's limited to around 2-3 hrs a day now but I'd love it if we could go days without watching anything!

-Graduate...I'm on par to graduate in October 2011. I can't believe I will have my Masters soon!

-Do more, do out at church, volunteer where I can, donate what I can, make a difference where I can...

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  1. Great resolutions Lisa! I hope to make my 2011 goal post soon!
    Also, have you checked out yet? She's awesome for coupons and deals. I know she's in my area in PA, but most of the coupons and deals are good anywhere, I believe. I really want to get into couponing more. I was doing so well, but not to much lately. I do believe that I did not pay full retail price for a single Christmas gift for the kids this year, aside from stocking stuffers, so I was pleased in the savings - which I added up to over $200!