Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

If we'd been in Denver this would mean alot of inches, near feet of thick, heavy snow...but since we're in Atlanta it meant about 2 inches of snow, lots of freezing rain and ice.
 Kaitlyn was ridiculously excited to go out and play...I could barely get breakfast in her she was jumping at the gun to get into her snow clothes and make angels. Mean Mummy forced her to wait until little brother had a nap and Daddy got up (after working a long weekend and getting home at 3am he was exhausted). Thankfully my little string bean still fit into her 12 month's a bit big I think, Target brand, and well at 3 and a half she's a bit tiny!

The snow, freezing rain mess started about 9pm on Sunday and had stopped before we got up Monday morning, total I think we got maybe 3 inches at our place. The snow was excellent snow ball snow with a layer of thick ice over the top. Kaitlyn made about 15 snow angels...Blake wasn't too sure...

 at first but it didn't take long for him to roll around in it! My little Denver baby in his first snow while living in Atlanta...never thought he'd get to play in the snow this year! Thanks to my friend Courtney and her clothing swap (she got K's clothes I got her eldest sons clothes) we were able to deck him out in snow-appropriate gear!

 This kid is for sure my Denver baby, she loved being in the snow and it took a few tries and a promise of hot chocolate to get her inside. We were mildly amused by our neighbors on their ATVs racing up and down the street and incredibly amused by the fact that the city of Atlanta is shut down, no mail, no delivery trucks, no nothing...the ice is real, the city just doesn't know how to handle it and my goodness the drivers...I'm glad we stayed home for the first two days of it!

Like father, like son

My sweet little cold weather babies enjoying the time together. We're loving this Winter Storm!

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