Monday, March 14, 2011

Have YOU looked in the mirror lately?

Being in a group of women from all walks of life with all kinds of backgrounds, presents and futures drama often arises.

The mixed words from one conversation to another.

The confusion of what one types and what one means.

The interrperated tone of a message.

The cliques.

It's almost like being in high school again, the need to be seen a certain way, wanting to fit in with the cool girls.

clearly a cool girl-I asked her to find a bow to wear and she did, in every colour that perfectly matched her dress!

It's hard not to get into the middle of it and a year ago I would have been front and center, but these days
I'm biting my tongue and staying away. I think of all the things I could say and the digs I could take but keep them in my head where they belong. Cause really what good is it going to do? I mean besides that little dip given to someones ego and a temporary boost to yours...

I look in the mirror these days and I'm good with what I see. I know who I am and it's a happy place to be! Do you? Are you good in your skin? Do you let the bites take ahold of you and fester? Do they leave a small mark or mark another notch on the lesson learned journey?
Not for a second am I saying the bites don't sting, they sure do, but I'm brushing them off  these days, kissing my wounds good-bye!
Spring has sprung!
It's a whole new season to enjoy, summer is around the corner and lots of travel plans are in the works! Plus two little monkeys are turning a whole year older...hard to believe really.
Time when you want it slows seems to move so fast!
Still trying to figure out what to do for our youngest little one's 1st birthday!! Being  new to this community we haven't many friends yet, so I'm not quite sure what we'll do. Nan is talking of flying out for the day and as a tradtion started with baby #1 we must make a trip to the zoo on the actual day. I think we'll do a theme with cars since the littlest LOVES his cars and I will be attempting a cool cake. The day will be about him, whatever we decide to do.
Best way to get my littlest smiling and not grabbing the camera...behind glass! :P

K has been talking about her birthday for months now and everytime she seems something of interest on the T.V we must add it too the list of things she wants for her birthday. We've also been instructed to invite all her friends, have a yummy cake and party hats!
I think for her this year we'll do a butterfly or cupcake themed party complete with playdough station and water table and paddling pool...something with a birthday at the end of July I doubt she'll ever escape, unless of course we move to Australia and it's the middle of winter....
My big 2-8 is at the end of June and I'm looking forward to it! I love birthdays, mine especially :) And this year will be extra special as my bestie is coming down from TN and we're meeting up another friend and her friend in Atlanta to see NKOTB and BSB!! And I've already decided we'll be doing sushi beforehand, since it's my favourite but never get to eat it with the kids and a hubby who isn't that interested in the stuff! I'm hoping for a yummy ice cream cake and celebratory dinner at home the weekend before...hint, hint, hint...not that he reads this but maybe putting it in the universe the request will be answered!

Spring cleaning has begun and last night with the help of my awesome hubby I de-cluttered all the baby stuff we've outgrown and don't use! Church consignment sale starts this Thursday and I hope it's a great success. We'll probably donate most of the stuff we don't actually sell, it's nice to make way for I'm sure all the new stuff coming in the next few months. 
I'm loving our daffodils in the front yard and the teasing hint of summer with 75 degree days...mixed in with rain and reminders that it's still March and while I pine for hot days and the smell of sunscreen and chlorine I do love that smell of rain and watching the droplets fall. Spring and Summer bring it!

Happy Monday!


  1. Lisa, you have such a wonderful outlook on life and I love it! Your blog post makes me really look forward to the summer.

  2. I completely understand the what one means/types issue. It's so hard to read sometimes. I love the picture of you and Ocean has that same outfit! Your little lady is so pretty.

  3. Love the pics! The kids look adorable! Also, thank you for the apeture advice! Went to Denver Botanic Gardens (posted some pics on my blog) and they turned out awesome! Although... I still have a lot of learning to do! Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I especially can relate to wanting to stay out of the conversations and issues. Flashbacks to high school are quite often in my life ;)