Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm going crazy?

I don't know if it's part of staying home, having more time to think or having less time to be on a task or what...but I kind of feel like I'm going crazy over here.

I think it's time to learn more about what my disorder is, because I haven't much of a clue and really I should. I over-analyze my thoughts is that normal or that just my brain?

I also worry about my kids and analyze their behavior, well not so much the 9 month old since well he's 9 months old :P But the almost 4 year old. I've worked with kids before, a lot of kids from all ages, but I'm not sure I could pinpoint 'normal' 3-4 year old behavior.

Is this normal to think and overanalyze every thing your kid does or is it just me because there is the potential she will end up with ADHD like mama?

I think 'google' is about to become a good friend of mine, any other suggestions for medical but in lamens terms information?

I'm starting with


  1. I don't overanalyze everything they do....though I do worry some....but I do overanalyze everything *I* do - how I talk to them, if I do ever lose my temper and yell I feel horrible for days and beat myself up. I think it part of being a parent, part of getting older, plus having that type of brain that just spins and spins. The only thing that seems to calm me down is a glass of wine and a dumb reality TV show!

  2. No, you ARE NOT crazy and you ARE NOT alone!!! I "over analyze" ALL the time! Life choices, my future, Aidan's behavior, his future, my grocery shopping list... anything that has a decision connected to it... I over analyze. I am trying to let go more and more and realize that I am not (and should not try to) be in control of everything. Sometimes, things just happen and children that are raised perfectly don't always turn out "normal" or visa-versa. (And btw, what is "normal" supposed to be anymore?) I try to focus on giving Aidan as much LOVE and support that I can, try to teach right from wrong and then... let the rest just happen. Not easy... and I am no expert at it! But... trying...