Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blake's Birth Story

4 days away from my little man turning 3 months and i'm finally sitting down to write this out...
and 15 days away from his 4 month birthday I'm finishing it! :)

From about 24 weeks on I had braxton hicks, not something I'd ever experienced with Kaitlyn. They were uncomfortable and annoying. The week of April 26th I lost my mucus plug and got excited, I was 2 cm and so ready to be done! May 7th was my last day of work and I kind of hoped I didn't make it that long...well May 7th came and went and I was officially a stay at home mummy and ready...
May 11th I had bloody show, called the nurse line in a bit of a freak out as to what was going on she said it could be any moment or a few days...well ugh another sign that we were on the way but not quite there...
May 13th my 39wk and 2 day appt. Membranes stripped, 4cms and my OB, the wonderful Dr. Celnik said she was on call that night and might see me...
Uncomfortable braxton hicks all day...finally around 1pm after timing them for a few hours of being 10 mins apart I called the nurse line and they said come on in...yay...maybe...
We dropped Kaitlyn off at Kylee and Andrews and headed to St. Joe's, checking in around 3pm the starting place was full so they sent me upstairs to labor and delivery and into a room. The nurse checked me and I was still at off to walk the halls we went...up and down the stairs and around the hallways, having the people in the ER stare at this large waddling lady in a gown walk up and down the stairs 55 times! Went back and was checked again after about an hour and half...still at 4cms GRRRRRRRR but in more pain!! Sent off to walk the halls AGAIN...came back at 7pm to a new nurse and well still at 4cms but more more pain, she went to talk to my dr. who was now on duty...the concensus was to either take a morphine drip to help with the pain and go home or get some pictocin. Without much of a second thought I said definitely pictocin, I'd walked the halls for freaking 4 hrs, my legs hurt, braxton hicks hurt, I was READY for this kiddo to arrive. The next question was do I want the epidural before pictocin or later...ummm again no second thought definitely wanted the epidural! As they were hooking me up for the fluids my braxton hicks definitely became contractions and started hurting a lot...eyes closed/deep breaths/ice chips!

The IV was next, my god do I hate needles...but even more do I hate IV's, apparentely I have crappy veins! First IV went in my right arm and blew the vein OUCH, nothing quite like blood running down your arm  :( next attempt was into my wrist on my left hand, it HURT to put it mildly...but didn't blow so we were good. Contractions were hurting a lot anethesiologist was on his way, my new best friend!

Epidural went in about 9pm, thank you the good Lord! Pain decreased, however I felt suddenly sick (possibily since I hadn't eaten since about noon) and couldn't stop chattering my teeth! lots of ice water/ice chips and blankets later I started to feel better and relaxed...around 5cms at this time

Watched TV for a bit, rested my eyes...around 10:30pm I was at a 7cm

11:30pm I felt a pop and gush (even with slightly numb legs)

my water broke on it's own!!

10cms and ready to go...the room and bed was prepped


push, push, push, push, hold, push, push

12:28am, Friday May 14th, 2010 welcome to the world Blake Andrew

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