Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September already?

I'm baffled that it is September 1st today, not sure what happened to August, or July or June for that matter...time seems to be moving very quickly these days! 21 days and it's officially Fall. my favorite season by far, cooler weather, football, crisp air...just a comfortable season.
This Fall for us brings my second year at school working on my Masters degree. I'm doing the online program with CSU Global, so far I like it it's time consuming but I can learn on my own time instead of having to sit in class a couple of days a week. Which basically means when kids go to bed I go to work...trying to stay off Facebook and tune out the TV all at the same time.
Blake will be 4 months old this month, I can't believe how big he is getting. Such an awesome little boy, his laughter and big sweet smile is contagious! He's a very happy kid almost all the time, he makes my heart burst with love btwn him and Kaitlyn life is complete!
We are kicking off Septemeber with a trip to Denver, thanks to my awesome parents we will be spending 4 days and nights back "home" seeing friends and relaxing! The CU/CSU football game, GO RAMS!!, is on Saturday and we will be watching the game and celebrating Kylee's 28th birthday with a party! Last year was madness a fun day, just 3 days before we found out Blake was joining our family :) This year I don't think I will be climbing on any roofs...

With that I bid the blogging world adieu until Tuesday...but will be back with some pictures from our adventures in Denver!

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