Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think I found a church...

of course now I need to actually attend a few services, but this one is close, has lots of kid friendly activities and seems like it will be a good fit for us.

I enjoy Church, I enjoy talking to God in Church and I enjoy what I get out of Church...I'm FAR from uber religious, I don't pray daily, I don't pray for everything and everyone, I don't devote my life to Jesus Christ, I believe in God and I'm comfortable with our relationship and at the same time still exploring it. I admire people who devote their entire life to the Lord, that's just not me and I feel God is kosher with that, I have my own understanding and perception of the bible and enjoy guidance from Church and various pastors. I ask questions, I listen and I do pray both in Church and on my own time just not everyday.

Do Good, Do No Harm and Stay in Love with God-Three simple rules to follow

I didn't grow up in a religious home, I went to Sunday School out my own choice when we lived in Indonesia with the neighbors...I loved the bible and talking to God. I went to a Methodist school for boarding school and attended various services from non-denominational to Catholic throughout college. When I graduated I went to a few Methodist services, but nothing regular. Being pregnant with Kaitlyn I decided it was time to go back to church, I went to the United Methodist Church down the street and found a wonderful pastor. The parish wasn't quite what I wanted as probably 70% of the congregation was over the age of 65, but the young adult meetings on Wednesday nights (which usually consisted of me and one other girl) and the conversations with my pastor kept me going every Sunday. Kaitlyn was baptized when she was 2 weeks old.
I wasn't baptized as a baby and it always bothered me, I wanted to be apart of Church, learn all about the Methodist religion and what it meant to be a follow of Christ. I took classes through my local Church and in July of 2008 I was baptized. It was a short ceremony but meant a lot to me, my pastor gave me a New Life Bible that I'm still working through two years's a study bible and so great to read, re-read, mark and talk about.
I'm hoping the Church I found works out for us and we can get Blake baptized soon!
I will attend with the kids on Sunday mornings, hubby believes in God but he's not religious and doesn't believe in attending Church, he does agree with me in wanting our kids to go to Church and attend Sunday School until they reach high school, at that age they can decide if they wish to continue the religious path of if they want to go/believe otherwise.

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