Saturday, September 18, 2010

Work in progress...

I started this blog ages ago...I'd have to cheat and look to actually see when...but I've never been good at it, forgot/sidetracked/didn't care/whatever you want to call it...basically I wasn't here.

That changed about 3 weeks ago, I decided that this was going to be my "escape" what I used to relax at the end of the day as well as keeping all our memories and events written in one spot. I'm proud to say I have blogged everyday since (minus our trip to Denver)
In the last week I've decided to put everything here...our schedules, my recipes, our homeschooling adventures and our lives.

Last night I re-vamped the home page with my pictures and the header. Tonight I added my additional blogs; Recipes, Schedules and Homeschool.
They are visable on the left hand side of the screen...I'm not tech savvy and there is possibly a better way to do this but for now this is what I've come up with :) I still need to add ways to navigate back to the main blog too.

It's a work in progress...

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