Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saying okay but not meaning okay

Yesterday was Blake's 4 month check up! I know already right? how and when did that happen? He weighed in at a hefty 16lbs 9ozs (75%) and is a ridiculous 27 inches long (94%). He's big, not really chunky though he does have some nice rolls on his thighs, and very tall :)
The impending vaccination conversation came up...I decided with Blake we're going to take it slow, he will be fully vaccinated like his sister but to avoid the horrible fever and pain that Kait ended up with after shots we're taking it one or two at a time. At 2 months he had the predivax which includes the DTap, Hib and Polio vax and the oral roto that time we saw an awful doctor who was plain rude and frankly quite dumb...we've since switched to a wonderful dr. reccommended by another mum at dance (who is actually a medical assistant at the office).

So at his visit yesterday I said we would do the follow up predivax and the roto virus but wait on the other again which is the pnenumoccocul (spelling is not my forte).
Dr. M said "okay, I'm not saying okay because I think it's okay but I'm saying okay"...
He's great, he is
In fact not 5 mins before in our conversation about Blake's reflux where I said I wasn't doing the medication but my crunchy mama take on it, he said GREAT I prefer you do that instead of giving him med's.
So we'll go back at 5 months to get the pneumoccocul vax
6 months for the well check up again and the pedivax and roto
and wait on the others to 7 months, and so on
MMR I think we'll wait until 2 years
I still have a lot of reading and researching to do before I make the moment I'm happy with where we are and to make me feel even better about my choice Blake didn't utter a cry with the one quick shot and has had no reaction!
Here is my little/big guy in his size 9 month pj's all ready for bed! So tired and still smiling, melts my heart!

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