Sunday, September 12, 2010

A tribute to some wonderful friends!

I LOVE this picture! The daughter of a dear friend, Elsa is 6 months older than Blake almost to the day.
These two have been best friends since Kaitlyn was 9 weeks old...Luca is 4 months older.

This family is a big big party of why we miss Denver so much! Courtney was our nanny for Kaitlyn when I returned to work at 9wks...I found her on craiglist...little did I know I was not only finding an amazing nanny for my daughter but a friend! Three years and another kid for each of us later, we're still great friends and I cheerish her friendship!
Our kids are close in age and I hope we will continue our friendship and our younger two will be friends like our older two!
She has Luca, April 07 and Elsa November 09
I have Kaitlyn July 07 and Blake May 10

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